[Dallas BBQ] How is the venue Set Up?

Levels / Floors

Within Dallas BBQ, there are a total of 3-levels. 

  • Level 1 - EntryThis is where you enter from and all guests will have access to this floor. 
  • Level 2 - Main:  This is where the majority of guests will be seated.  There will be a DJ set up here. 
  • Level 3 - Mezzanine:  Secluded from the rest of the levels, guests will enjoy an exclusive menu served here.  The mezzanine overlooks the Level 2 - Main.
Level 1 + 2 are available to all ticket holders.
Level 3 is limited ONLY to Mezzanine Seated VIP  ticket holders.

For event information and pricing, go to Dallas BBQ New Years Eve 

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